Free Sandwiches for Hollywood Star Liam Neeson

Big Star Sandwich Company, a restaurant in Vancouver claimed that Liam Neeson eats for free there. Although this was not true until he showed up and surprised everyone at the restaurant.

Liam Neeson was busy shooting nearby, which gave an opportunity to the owners of the restaurant to use his name to attract customers and which worked quite well for the owners, but they were not expecting this to become real.

liam neeson big star sandwich

The owners were completely surprised to see Liam Neeson coming to their restaurant and claiming his prize in terms of a free meal.

Neeson used his famous dialogues from one of his popular movies ‘Taken’ in order to get his prize. According to the staff, the actor used his famous line ‘Where is my free sandwich?’. However, he avoid saying ‘I will find you and I will eat you’, they said jokingly.

The actor, due to his busy schedule, was not able to collect his prize, but he posed for photographs with the staff.

Liam Neeson is a known celebrity in the entire world and has worked with some of the great Hollywood stars like Robert De Niro and Christian Bale.


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