iPhone Sale in 2016 Was Not According to Apple’s Expectations


There were many rumors about iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 in the previous quarter of the fiscal year in 2016, which made consumers wait for the launch of these two products so that they can buy the new models and this resulted decrease in the sale of the present iPhone models.

Apple sold almost 50.763 million iPhones throughout the quarter of this year, but it is seen that in the same quarter of 2016, there were 51.193 million iPhones sold, which confirms the decrease in the sale this year.

Although the number of iPhones sold this year were fewer as compared to the previous year, but the company has generated high revenue than it was generated in the year 2016. In 2016, the total sale of iPhone was 51.183 million and company made revenue of $32.857 billion and in 2017, the revenue is greater, as Apple has generated of $53.249 billion and sold only 50.763 million iPhones.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple in analyst conference disclosed that the company had faced high demand by consumers for the iPhone 7plus, which was more than expected and the supplies were limited.



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