Microsoft Delivered Two New Updates in Silence

Microsoft Delivered Two New Updates in Silence

The next Creator Update is already delivered by the Microsoft, which alert its close entrance, also the “delta updates” for Windows 10 have arrived.

The IT industry took a breath of ease when they heard of an update related to security in Windows 10, which was being delayed. The update is out, but it has arrived with some great surprises. Microsoft sent a notice in the Windows Update and offered its access.

“Good News! The Windows 10 Creator Update is on its way. Want to be one of the first to get it?”

The offer in the quotation marks was sent by the Microsoft to its users, who have the latest cumulative update installed in their systems.

The second recent updates by the Microsoft are the “delta updates”, which are for the “Windows Server 2016” and “Windows 10 version 1607” and can be found in Update Catalog of Microsoft.

The new delta packages are applicable to all the devices that include Windows 10 and older version of Cumulative Update being installed. Also, the delta packages for the 64-bit are one-third smaller and for the 32-bit they are 40 percent smaller.

The cumulative update is an important update, which is responsible for strengthening Windows security every month. This means the Cumulative Update will grow in size each month, as by looking back on the cumulative updates, in August 2016, the first cumulative update was released for the 64-bit version 1607 and its size was 113mb. In November its size was about 8718mb and after four months, its size expanded to gigabyte.

Although the delta update is available now, but after few months it will be absent in the Creators Updates and at the end of this year, it is expected from the Microsoft that the new big feature update will be compressed in its size.

photo credit: MTSOfan Microsoft Office (license)


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