Ben Affleck Is Now Free From the Alcohol Addiction

Ben Affleck Is Now Free From the Alcohol Addiction

Ben Affleck, best known as the Dare Devil and Batman, has turned himself into a rehab program to get rid of his drinking habit.

After the rehab, Ben is now free from his alcohol addiction and he seems to be satisfied with it. In some of his social media statements, Ben has announced that he has quit drinking and now he wants to live a happy life.

Ben desires to be a responsible and a loving father to his children and also he wants to set an example for his children that there is no shame in seeking help from others in order to become a purified person. Ben says that he wants to keep his family and children happy and he would love to adopt positive changes for the happiness of his family.

Ben also praised his wife, Jennifer Garner, in one of his writings that he is happy to have support from his family and friends, and he called himself “lucky” to have Jen as his wife, as she has always shown love and care towards Ben and their children.

According to ET, in this year’s Oscars, Ben was found completely clear-headed, who attended Oscars with one of his sober male confederate. Ben was a serious alcohol addict for years, but now he has successfully escaped his situation. For Ben, the main reason to quit alcohol is to show his children and the world that he could do anything to become a good father.

In June 2015, Ben and Jennifer filed a divorce and it became a huge news in the media, but still the couple is not separated yet. The U.S weekly reported that Jennifer is still willing for a breakup, while according to some other resources, the couple is on hold as things are getting better in the family.

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Ben Affleck (license)



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