Barcelona to Bring Back Thiago Alcantara

Barcelona to Bring Back Thiago Alcantara

According to reports, Barcelona is fascinated to bring Thiago Alcantara back to the club in the coming summer.

In 2013 Thiago switched to Bundesliga Giants with Pep Guardiola, his former manager of Barca. According to the Sport, the Catalan side is interested in having a reunion with Robert Fernandez, the sporting director. It is seen that since Thiago has moved to Bundesliga Giants, his performances are found to be threatening to the opposite team and he has become one of the best players in the entire game.

Within the presence of Guardiola, Thiago’s performance has become unique and powerful, and also his progress seems to be outstanding at Bayern. Thiago’s position is now side-by-side with Xabi Alonso and Arturo Vidal, and in the midfield structure, he is the spine of Carlo Ancelotti.

It may be heart burning for the fans of Barcelona to see their former player playing in the midfield and in a tremendous way against other clubs.

Blaugrana always wanted to replace Xavi, but this change has always been a difficult one. However, Thiago is now one of the main players of Barcelona and that is also a plus point because, without any argument, he has great capabilities as a player.

According to the reports, it is confirmed that Thiago’s contract with Bayern will going to end in the year 2019, while there are no intentions found of selling Thiago in the German champions.

It seems that the future of Bayern is Renato Sanches, Joshua Kimmich and Thiago, as Alonso has clearly announced his “goodbye” at the end of the season, while this year, Vidal is about to step in the age of 30.

If Barcelona desires to bring Thiago back to Catalonia, then it has to spend a handsome amount, as Thiago is one of the best men in the game and he has proved his capabilities as a central midfielder.

photo credit: Alex Lopez Photos Team / Equip (license)


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