No More Scarfs in EU

No More Scarfs in EUAccording to the Europe’s top court, employers are commanded to ban their workers from wearing scarves or any other accessory that may symbolize any religious or political sign.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has banned wearing any dresses that may show any religious or political message or representation within the company. The employees must dress neutrally within the boundaries of the organization. The ECJ further stated that no laws can be created, or the decisions can be made according to the desires of the customers, and also it is the first decision of the court related to wearing headscarves at work.

The headscarf issue has been in various debates from past several years and it is discussed many times in the European countries as a major Muslim issue. Although the problem has taken place in many parts of the world, but it came in the prominent light when a Muslim woman, working as a receptionist for a security company in Belgium – G4S, was fired because of her headscarf. The Belgium court shifted the issue to the ECJ for further clarification.

The German State of Bavaria and Austria are also not behind in banning Muslim accessories, as they have banned full veils in the public.

This decision, by ECJ, has made several “rights group” to come out of their shell as one of the groups, known as Amnesty International, on Tuesday March 14, 2017, said that the rulings by ECJ are disappointing and promoting prejudice.

In the year 2006, Samira Achbita, a Muslim woman was fired from her job because she began to wear a headscarf after three years of her employment. The ECJ has ruled on the same case of Samira Achbita. Achbita complained that she was discriminated at work because of her religion, however, during the hiring of Achbita, an unwritten rule was active, which included the prohibition of any religious symbols and the company she was working for included this prohibition and made it one of its policies.
photo credit: Artform Canada Hijab (license)


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