Girls Council Saudi Arabia without Girls

Girls Council Saudi Arabia without GirlsIt is not hidden that Saudi Arabia is strict with the policies related to women, but there is good news for the girls in Saudi Arabia that a “Girl Council” has been made, but unfortunately no girl is found on the stage.

The first Qassim Girls Council meeting took place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but there were 13 men on the stage and not a single girl was seen with them. The photographs of the meeting are taking the social media with a huge storm, where 13 men are chaired on the stage, with the backdrop of Qassim Girls Council, which is representing male domination in the women affairs. The women were too present there but were seated in another room, without being in direct contact with the media or the 13 men, however, they were linked via video call.

Donald Trump

This viral news is on the way with the comparison of a photograph of President Donald Trump, signing the policies related to abortion in the month of January, where he was too surrounded by men and there was an absence of any woman.

Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud, also the governor of the province, said that he is proud of launching the Girls Council, which has happened in Saudi Arabia for the first time. The chairperson of the Girls Council is Princess Abir bint Salman, who is the wife of Prince Faisal and was also not seen in the photograph.

photo credit: Bakar_88 The Glazed Riyadh (license)
photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump (license)


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